Pensacola 200 Review & Season Update

Pensacola 200 Review - Race Review and #Poweredbyfans update

ARCA East From 5 Flags Speedway
By: John Szulczewski

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Moorseville, NC, March 21, 2022 – For a week of trials and tribulations from Stephanie and the team, positives could still be taken away from the trip to the Florida Panhandle.

Pensacola 200 Review

From the beginning, Stephanie was psyched to get back to the home of her first start. “I was itching all week to get back in the car and see how I would stack up compared to last year”

And indeed she showed up well. Starting practice on 75 lap old tires from Smyrna, Stephanie posted the 11th best time in final practice. This put her just half a second off the next car, which had their best lap on new tires.

She took that confidence into qualifying later that afternoon. Following Teammate Benny Chastain’s Crash, Stephanie opted to qualify on her practice tires and improved on her practice time and solidly placed 11th in Qualifying.

Now starting the race on fresher tires, she was able to see what she could really do. From the start, she was strong, maintaining pace with the lead group of cars and working her way up to 9th.

At lap 60, with the leaders breathing down their neck,  the 60 car dove below Stephanie into turn 1, sending her spinning in front of the top 3. They were both battling to stay on the lead lap.

Following the spin, the transmission wouldn’t shift out of 2nd gear, relegating her to a DNF, but still finishing 12th place.

“We had a good run all things considered, we ran with some guys in better funded cars than me and we had older tires to boot!”

“Who knows where we could’ve ended up without our problem there” said John, her spotter. “We very well could have competed for a Top 5 if everything wen tour way the way it had gone.”

Off Track Update

In the week leading up to the Race, a new Line of Shirts and hats was unveiled to the fans, giving fans new and old the chance to represent their new favorite driver!

To pre-order please visit the links below to get yours today!

In addition, the #poweredbyfans program is still running through March 31st this year!

What’s Next?

The Next Race on the schedule will be the General Tire 125 from Dover Motor Speedway, April 29th, 2022. Before that, the full race from Pensacola will be airing on USA Network, March 28th, 2022 (1PM ET)

Sponsors: Busch #accelerateher, Evergreen Raceway Park, #Poweredbyfans, Highland Social Club, Fast Track High Performance Driving School, American Legion Post #473

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